The customer service and understanding you give to your clients is fantastic. I can understand why you are the best kept secret in the NFL. Thank you for making the NFL season a great time.
— John M. from NY

I appreciate your service, your customer service has been above and beyond and you have always made yourself available to keep a customer happy. Keep up the consistent effort, this customer appreciates all that you do.
— Dana C. from CA

I have been working with Jimmy since 2013, really a nice guy, we even go out to dinner when I travel to the NY area. I didn’t start winning until I followed his methodology.
— Bob L from IL

You have been up-front in stating your record in all picks. That says volumes in a profession where more are selling both sides of the game and so will always have some happy bettors unless you are always getting the losing side. I truly appreciate the honesty of your site as you tell it like it happens I appreciate the work ethic that you have displayed, detailed analysis and offering up some good college picks even though that wasn’t including in my subscription
— Neil W from WY

Unreal- Great Call on the Superbowl going to overtime. It made my day!
— Joe M from MD

Graded your service as a good solid B. Would like to see more college picks, but only if your feeling good about hem. I was happy with your service and would join again.
— Don S from CA
Jimmy you truly are a hard worker & your dedication in providing top quality selections is priceless!
— Bob H. from NJ

Thank you for the past 2 years of incredible success!
— Karl D. From AZ

I just wanted to thank you for being one of the few honest guys in the business. You don’t win every time (but no one does) and I am truly impressed with your integrity. Look forward to much more success
— Bill D from TX

You saved my season and I appreciate you keeping me focused on long term success Keep doing what your doing.
— Jeff D. from CT

Jimmy is dependable, reliable expert in his field and a pleasure to work with.
— Dean G from TX

I’m very happy with the way you do things very professional you always respond when I emailed you thank you
— Doug P from MA

Chocolate bars were awesome. Thank you for allowing me to use discounts! Would have like to meet you at Croxleys in Farmingdale, but time constraints didn’t allow!
— John J from NY

I love your service - I only play 50 a pick and I came out over 500 over price of picks...thanks
— Patrick O from PA

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