Who is GameDayGod?                                                                                                                                

 I am just your average family man who loves football.  Please refer to about us page for full overview of GameDayGod.    

Why should I trust you?                                                                                                                    

 What has made me successful in life has been my integrity, honesty and ability to work hard.  I have created this site for the main reason of being able to donate a large portion of the profits to charity.  I am passionate about giving back as just as passionate about my selections and will put my expertise and passion around your investment in me to make you successful.     

What differentiates you from other public handicappers?                                                                                      

 1.  I SPECIALIZE IN FOOTBALL ONLY- almost all professional handicappers offer services in every sport which makes you ask the question how could they be an expert in so many different sports                                    

2.  I OFFER PERSONABLE SERVICE- I give you my personal cell # for questions and advice, an open time frame to call and chat, and will personally return your call or email with 24 hours                                        

 3.  AFFORDABLE PRICE- Fee is most affordable in Industry for a season`s worth of selections- will never ask for more money in same season including playoffs, super bowl,  college, and bowls                                        

4.  DONATES TO CHARITY- Keeps overhead low to enable larger donations of his profits to Charity                                                                                                                                                                              
What does your pick of the week mean?  
GameDayGod`s pick of the week is our best money line selection for a particular week.  GamedayGod recommends making this play on the money line to win $1000 per week. See Previous Seasons tab for last 4 years’ results utilizing this formula.  As the season grows we will recommend a double up when extremely confident to stay on course to make a 20K profit for year.

When and how am I notified of your pick of the week and top 3 ATS weekly picks?

All picks including the weekly pick of the week with analysis will be sent via email on Sunday morning 2-3 hours before kickoff to the email address you registered with. This puts the advantages in our corner if there are any weather concerns, late injury updates, and line movements. In the event we like a Monday Night or Thursday Night game you will receive a email 2-3 hours prior to that start time.

How did you come up with your Pick of the week selection?                                                                          

I`ve been following football for over 30 years and believe I have seen it all. Many seasons I would have many different wagers ATS and when it was all said and done I either won a few or lost a few but I wasn’t always profitable.  However many times I strongly felt I knew who was going to win a certain game and yet somehow wouldn’t come out profitable. That’s when it hit me a few years ago. I started making less ATS plays and more money line plays. Then I went to 1 money line play per week & that’s where I have seen most success.  I analyze each game utilizing proprietary software and have a 12 point checklist so my selection must meet a certain criteria otherwise I pass and move on to the next game.

What does your 12 Point checklist consist of?                                                                                            

Now I cannot share all 12, here is some criteria of the 12 point checklist I created.  It consists of everything from matchups, coaching, injuries, weather, etc.   A selection must meet 9 of the 12 checkpoints for it to be considered for a pick of the week selection. From there I determine line values, public perception and my own gut instincts to ultimately determine my justified selection of the week.

Where are your ATS results for years 2012-2015?

I only started giving ATS selections in 2016 hence the reason for only 1 years worth of ATS results. As my client base has grown and after several years of promoting just 1 money line play per week almost every one of my clients feedback came back with wanting to see more selections in the future. After careful consideration, I delivered 60% winners in 2016 with 3 ATS selections every week plus a bonus ATS selection in most weeks.

I am looking for action on many games including MNF, SNF, Can I use your service?                                

I would rather you not because I focus on a successful season. I`ve been there when I felt I needed a wager on every game. At the end of the week and season I wasn’t profitable, it doesn’t work. There is nothing wrong with passing on any game and watching it fun.  I can coach you through my 10 keys to a profitable season.   Again, my formula is on one game per week.  I will give you selections on other games but recommend you play them in weekly pools, get involved in a survivor pool, espn pools, etc. 

Do you offer college selections?

This is one of the most asked questions I get. The short answer is No. I followed college football for years and love college football. I wasn't consistently profitable and by no longer playing college I am able to focus my skills on the NFL. The college game has completely changed especially in the last 5 years- No One plays Defense anymore(Even Alabama let up over 30 points in the Championship game this year). If you are looking for support in College I can highly recommend a peer of ours- Just ask me.

How do I join?                                                                                                                                                            

It`s simple.  Click on the subscribe tab.  GamedayGod gives you everything he offers for the full season including playoffs and Super bowl.  We take all major credit cards. You can also pay via PayPal. If you do not have a pay pal account you can set one up in minutes. Otherwise you can call my customer service department toll free at 1(844) JIMMY WINS or 1(844)546-6994 for PayPal information.    

Do you accept money orders or checks?                                                                                                                          

Yes.  Please call and arrangements will be made for you to send check or money order to our corporate mailing address. Once the check is mailed and cleared we can activate your account for email privileges.