The Game Day God, Jimmy D, is a one of a kind handicapper. His specialty in NFL handicapping comes from a deeply rooted passion for the game and everything it stands for. As a life-long New Yorker, Jimmy grew up watching the New York Giants and frequenting Belmont Park with his father. After learning the ropes of bookmaking in high school, Jimmy went on to graduate from St. Johns University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

Through the years Jimmy has been through many highs and lows wagering on all sports and horse racing.  It wasn’t about to the age of 30 that Jimmy felt the one sport he can profit on and handicap with some confidence is football.  That’s when he started wagering on football exclusively.  Over the last decade Jimmy found his part-time hobby to become quite rewarding. The past 4 years Jimmy has identified a methodology and has recorded his picks, which have proven to be very successful. Growing up Jimmy`s parents always taught him good values and that he needs to learn how to give back in life.  Jimmy`s mom and his wife also continue to preach that.  This is why he is taking his lifetime love and experience with football to you.  Jimmy will be offering his mythology, advice, support and personable relationship building to you.  Jimmy will be donating back 15- 20% of the profits from his service to charity.(see Charity tab)

 In his 5th year of making his football methodology and advice public,  Jimmy wants to get to know YOU.  He is offering his expertise at a enormous value one time price (see subscribe tab).

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