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Here is my 2016 NFL season in Review.

On all recommended plays the profit was +$16,895

When you combine all wagering, money line, ATS selections, and parlays/reverses, I had 12 winning weeks and just 5 losing weeks during the regular season. In the playoffs I had 3 winning weeks with 1 losing week.


Regular Season ATS

On ATS the profit was +$2850 if wagered $275 to win $250

2016 Total Season Prediction Record:   40-26-5 (60%)

When selecting Underdogs: 27-16-3

When selecting Favorites: 11-9-2

When selecting Pick Em Games: 1-1

When selecting Totals: 1-0

This is ranked 6th out of 60 handicappers in 2016 monitored at the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma.


Regular Season Money Line Picks

On Regular Season Money Line Picks the profit was +$4300 if wagered to target $1000 per week.

2016 Total Season Prediction Record: 16-5 (76%)

Weekly Money Line Picks Record: 13-5

Double Up Picks Record: 3-0 The Game Day God has never lost in the past 5 seasons when doubling up!



Regular Season PARLAYS and Reverses

On Parlays and Reverses the profit was +$2280

Hit recommended weekly 3 team parlay's 5 times with 3 of the wins being 2-0-1. Hit recommended reverse in Week 17. Just missed 2 big parlays going 5-1-1- on a 7 teams and 6-2 on an 8 team. 



On Playoffs the total profit was +$3950

On Money Line Picks the profit was +$1500

Weekly Money Line Picks: 2-1

On Parlays the profit was +$2650

Week 1: 2-2 Record, +$950 profit, +$1000 Money Line on Pitt, -$50 on $275/$250 game

Week 2: 3-1 Record,  +$4950 profit, +$1000 Money Line on Atlanta, +$950 on ATS as recommended double up, and +$3000 on 3 team parlay

Week 3: 0-2 Record,  -$1950 loss, -$500 Money Line on Greenbay, and -$1100 on ATS as recommended double up, -350 on parlays.



On the Superbowl the total profit was +$2875

1-0 Win on Money Line Pick +$2000

2-2 Props ($100 Each), Including Losses, and Hit 10-1 on game going to OT +$875


On the College Bowls and The Championship Game the total profit was +$640

2016 College Bowls and Championship Games Total Prediction Record: 13-12 on Bowls

2016 College Bowls Prediction Record: 12-12 Net Loss of -$300 when wagering at 275/250 game

Championship Game: +$940 on NCC, as recommended Clemson for 500 and Money Line.

Was 9-4 early on, will stick to one bowl game a day next year.

Season Long Pools

(These were my own pools not recommended plays.)

5/3/1 Pool Profit: +$1350

Superbowl Box Profit: +$2740

Survivor Pool Split Total Profit: +$3431

Las Vegas Westgate Super Contest ATS: -$1800



As almost every other handicapper has turned their attention to basketball, hockey, and college hoops, then baseball I have taken a much needed few weeks off and gearing up for a highly successful 2017 NFL campaign.

In order to do so I have analyzed all my selections and results, wins, losses, and pushes then I analyzed my losses again and determining how I can be better in 2017. I would love to have the opportunity to advise you on a successful path for the 2017 NFL Season. Realistically, How much can you take your local bookie for before they shut you down or how much can you take your off shore accounts for with feeling comfortable about getting your funds? I can only trust them so much, therefore unless your playing in Vegas or heaven forbid New Jersey ever approving sports wagering, I have focused on $20K per year and delivered close to that for 5 straight seasons.

Remember, this money earned is tax free! So set your self some goals and stick to it. I will be offering FREE 15 minute consultations with 10 keys to a successful 2017 Season.